The Vine, Madeira (Portugal)

The Vine’s ethos is all about a high concept look at the island of Madeira’s famous vineyards and artisan wines. The hotel aims to take guests on a visual storytelling journey about pebbles, rain, sunshine and shadows – all the elements of nature that come together to create the perfect wine. As you’d imagine, wine is an important part of The Vine’s gastronomy, so expect your food to be paired with the perfect accompaniment in whichever of the hotel’s four bars or restaurants you visit.

The Vine’s central theme continues to their famous spa, where TheraVine uses extracts from Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet grapes to reinvigorate the skin and provide heightened relaxation. Moving outside, the hotel’s infinity pool is bordered by the 360 Sky and Poolside Bar, where you can choose whether to enjoy the incredible views of Madeira’s capital by taking a dip in the welcoming panoramic pool (sadly the pool is filled with water, not wine) or to recline on the outdoor terrace with a glass of the island’s best…you guessed it, wine.