Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

Located in the relatively untouched Koh Rong archepelago in the Gulf of Thailand, Song Saa Private Island is a sustainable retreat in a world of virgin rainforest, tropical reefs and pristine white beaches. The resort is Cambodia’s first luxury private island resort and is designed by the same interior designer and organic sculptor who co-founded the resort with her husband.

The resort spans two islands sitting side by side, known locally as Song Saa and named after the Khmer word for ‘The Sweethearts’. The two islands are connected by a footbridge which moves over a marine reserve, created by the resort to protect the turtles, seahorses, tropical fish and their local reef habitat. Rooms are luxury over-water, jungle or ocean-view villas; all are sustainable and eco-friendly and come with their own private infinity plunge pools. There is also a yoga and meditation centre just on the shore, where you can catch the sunrise as you practise.