Potato Head Beach Club, Bali

While there are now three Potato Head beach clubs around the world, the original (and, some would argue, best) location is in Bali. This flagship club features three restaurants, two bars, a sprawling 500 square metre lawn and a luxurious infinity pool that gazes out across the Indian Ocean. It’s known throughout Bali as one of the best spots to enjoy the famed Balinese sunsets and the team at the Potato Head certainly make the most of this reputation, holding parties, exhibitions and installations throughout the year.

While staying at the Potato Head itself isn’t a possibility (this is a beach club, rather than a hotel), the club has a gorgeous sister property just a stone’s throw away. The Katamama hotel is the accommodation of choice for all those who want to make the most of the Potato Head’s facilities and this stunning boutique hotel is the perfect place to enjoy Indonesia’s history and cultural traditions. While the Potato Head is where you go to inject some excitement into your day, the Katamama is where you retire at the end of a long night to unwind and recharge your batteries.