Michelangelo Resort & Spa, Greece

On the beautiful Greek island of Kos you’ll find the five star Michelangelo Resort & Spa, where guests are treated to stunning views of the Aegean Sea, relaxing spa treatments and tranquil afternoons spent in the resort’s perfectly landscaped gardens.

The resort features a range of rooms to choose from and all are beautifully decorated with stylish furnishings and gorgeous wall art. Opt for a sea view room and you can watch the sun rise and set from your personal balcony that overlooks the ocean.

Taking infinity pools to the next level, the Michelangelo features not only an infinity pool but an entire infinity pool level. This 160 metre long whopper of a pool is so huge that a Mediterranean bar is built in the centre of it, with built-in stools so you can sit in the water to sip your cocktail. Definitely a must see for any infinity pool fans!