Makanyane Safari Lodge, South Africa

Set on private land within the 75,000 hectare Madikwe Game Reserve and with space only for 16 guests a time, Makanyane Safari Lodge allows you to experience the wildlife and vast natural history of South Africa’s second largest game reserve in your own private luxury, without the sound of other jeeps. The lodge is nestled deep in riverside forest and has been carefully designed to blend with the natural bush, so you might find yourself waking up with an elephant on your doorstep. But it does mean you’ll never be less than up close and personal with nature.

On offer is luxuriousness like no other, with a gym, bush spa and delicious restaurant on site. You can also enjoy the luxury of sleeping under the stars and game walks through the bush. Recent sightings have included some of the world’s most beautiful and endangered species’ such as the rare African wild dog, Makanyane, after which the lodge is named.