Farm 215 Nature Retreat & Fynbos Reserve, South Africa

Farm 215 Nature Retreat is the real deal. Here you won’t see lights or hear cars and the most likely disturbance you’ll get is the odd neighing horse from the next-door African Horse Company, a partner of the retreat. The upshot of that is there are dreamy horse riding opportunities, with trails stretching out all through the glorious fynbos reserve, a natural shrub-land unique to this region of the Western Cape and which makes up one of the world’s six Floral Kingdoms.

Stay in the freestanding fynbos-suites or the luxurious rooms in the old homestead and enjoy a good home-cooked meal after a trip to the coast to watch whales or Great White sharks. The retreat considers itself a pioneer in South African sustainable tourism, holding its surrounding natural kingdom as something no less than sacred, and in bowing down to the richest biome in the world, keeps its impact on the ecosystem at an absolute minimum.