Das Mooser Hotel, Austria

Well, Das Mooser Hotel is certainly attention grabbing. Built on solid Arlberg Mountain rock, this little gem of a hotel features only seventeen rooms but promises guests an extraordinary holiday experience. Balanced on the edge of a cliff, the views from Das Mooser are absolutely unparalleled, making this the perfect place to relax away from the stresses of every day life and recharge your batteries.

For those looking to escape reality, the spa is the ideal location. The outdoor infinity pool is perched right of the edge of the gorge and blends in seamlessly with the surrounding snowy mountains. Swimming in a heated pool while surrounded by ice has got to be an interesting experience!

However, Das Mooser isn’t only about relaxation, as some of the world’s best skiing is just a hop, skip and a jump away. The hotel can assist guests with ski rental and also book guests into the local Arlberg Ski School, to ensure you’re ready to hit the slopes.