Aqua Dome, (Tirol) Austria

If relaxation is the aim of the game then you’re in luck at the Aqua Dome. This innovative, exciting hotel puts the emphasis on wellness from the moment you arrive. Everything the hotel does, from the room decor to the food on offer, is designed with rejuvenation in mind.

The star of the show is, of course, Aqua Dome’s spa facilities. Wherever you might have stayed in the world, you’ve certainly never seen anything like this! The thermal spa dome is a towering glass pyramid that extends above a huge swathe of indoor pools and an eye-catching waterfall, all with stunning views of the nearby Ötztal Alps.

Outside, you’ll find smaller water basin pools that each have their own unique properties: underwater music, lighting effects, salt water. The most difficult decision you’ll have to make each day is which one to swim in!