Allegra Hotel, Turkey

Less than a mile from the Turkish city of Kalkan is the Allegra Hotel. Nestled amongst the olive trees against the hillside, this little hotel provides beautiful views over the bay of Kalkan and promotes an atmosphere of peace and calm to allow guests to truly relax and unwind.

This ten room hotel features a terrace that overlooks the ocean, making is the perfect place for guests to watch the sun set over the horizon. Buffet breakfasts are served out by the infinity pool, where guests can soak up the sun and swim right to the glass-fronted edge of the pool to look down at the rolling ocean waves below.

A five minute stroll away fro the hotel is the exclusive Palm Beach Club, where guests have direct access to the sea for both swimming and snorkelling. The club also features a private lounge area, where comfortable sun loungers and a cocktail bar make the perfect accompaniments to a relaxing day of reclining and relaxing.