Amazing Infinity Pools in the Alps

The Alps are one of Europe’s most stunning views and are home to some of the best skiing on the globe, so it’s no wonder why millions of tourists flock to the Alps every year. Skiing aside, there’s still plenty on offer if you’re not so keen on snow sports. Wellness is a huge part of the lifestyle in this area of the world and you’ll find that most of the hotels in this region include a first class spa.

In today’s post we’re sharing some of the most amazing infinity pools that you’ll find in the Alps, from stylish city centre hotels to luxurious mountainside wellness resorts. Read more

Enjoy a Daycation with Baskwell

Always dreamed about sunbathing and drinking cocktails at the luxurious swimming pools of expensive five star hotels? Your dream is about to become true thanks to Baskwell!

Take a Daycation at a Luxurious Swimming Pool

Baskwell, a Dutch startup, is disrupting the traditional travel industry by offering affordable ‘daycations’ at luxurious hotels. Via Baskwell you can find amazing hotels that offer a day pass, which provides access to the world class swimming pool, fitness, and wellness facilities. Read more

Try Your Hand at TV Tourism in Croatia

Croatia has experienced somewhat of a tourism boom in recent years, thanks in part to the stunning architecture, beautiful weather and delicious food. Holidaymakers have been flocking to the country to explore everywhere from the southern city of Dubrovnik to the northern capital of Zagreb (fun fact, Croatia is the only European country to have a capital city starting with the letter Z). Read more

Top Travel Apps for Holidaymakers

‘There’s an app for that’ might have started out as a jokey saying but it’s become more and more true with every new app that hits our phones…did you know there’s even an app to help you detect the presence of paranormal entities in your home? Yeah, we were shaking our heads at that one too.

Ghost hunting apps aside, travel is one area where the apps are absolutely brilliant. From translation services to in depth weather reports, there’s a little something for every type of traveller. For today’s post we’ve rounded up eight apps that you need on your phone for your next holiday, so let’s get started. Read more

Casa Brutale: The House Inside a Cliff

We might focus on holiday properties here at Infinity Pool Holidays but when we discovered the plans for Casa Brutale we knew we had to share them with you. It’s an ambitious architectural project that will see one of the world’s most luxury houses build into the side of a cliff and the house is due to be completed by 2018, with construction starting any day now. Read more

Unbeatable Summer Holiday Deals with Expedia

Summer is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about sun-filled holidays and lazy days relaxing by the pool. To help get you into the holiday mood, Expedia have launched their annual summer sale and 2016’s discounts certainly won’t let you down. Here are all the details:


72 Hour Sale

Running from June 7th – June 9th, you’ll have to be quick to take advantage of Expedia’s 72 hour sale but the savings are definitely worth it! Perfect for those who want a last minute getaway, as you’ll have to complete your trip before July 21st. Read more

Hotels and Villas on Private Islands

We’re all looking for that extra dose of luxury when booking a dream holiday and what could be more special than a once in a lifetime trip to a private island? In today’s post we’re showing off six spectacular resorts that not only have an infinity pool but can be found on their very own private island.

The Brando, French Polynesia


Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful spots in the world, French Polynesia’s The Brando can be found on the private island of Tetiaroa. Created to honour Polynesian culture, the resort preserves the natural beauty of the island and protects the sea turtles, manta rays and exotic birds that are native to Tetiaroa. Read more

The Mira Hotel Voted ‘Best Business Hotel’ for the Fifth Time

Hong Kong’s Mira Hotel is known globally as one of the most luxurious hotels in existence, with everything from the room decor to the award-winning 18,000 square foot MiraSpa creating an aura of relaxation and opulence. It’s no surprise that the Mira Hong Kong has been voted ‘best business hotel in Hong Kong’ for the fifth time at the TTG China Travel Awards. Read more

City Centre Hotels with Infinity Pools

When you think about swimming in an infinity pool you probably picture yourself on a beach resort, flanked by palm trees and only inches away from a swim up bar. While a seaside paradise is a popular way to enjoy an infinity pool, there are also plenty of gems to be found right in the middle of a buzzing metropolis. Read more

The World’s Best Swimming Pools

In case you hadn’t guessed, we’re firm believers that the swimming pool is one of the most exciting parts of any hotel stay. Whether it’s a private infinity pool on an island retreat or a glass-bottomed pool at the top of a high rise hotel, we’re always searching for the world’s best swimming pools. Read more

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